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How do you cut grass with side discharge?

For side-discharging lawnmowers, mow one strip of grass, then switch directions with the mower so that the next strip sprays the grass clippings over the area you just mowed. If you want to avoid building up mounds of clippings, mowing

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How do I stop my lawn from pulling at zero turns?

The turf is tearing because one of the wheels is locked. One stick in forward and the other in reverse will achieve a tight turn without tearing the grass. Table Of Contents How do you stop grass from pulling on

Should I bag my grass in the summer?

Bag your clippings if your habit is to mow less often. Grass is longer when you mow less often. If you leave long clippings on your lawn, they don’t absorb into the lawn like shorter mulched grass does. Table Of

Top 5 Best Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Does your lawn need some love and attention? We’ve put together a run down of the top 5 best selling lawn mowers for. If you have a big lawn or have hilly mounds or sidehills you might want to take