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What are the 3 functions of turf?

There are three functions of turf. There are plants in a ground cover and the soil in which they grow. What is the purpose of turf? The turf’s root system prevents the soil from being carried off by the wind

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How do you remove pesticides from edible flowers?

Consumer reports’ experts recommend washing fruits and vegetables at home to remove pesticides. It is a good idea to lightly clean any produce you are consuming. It’s a good idea to avoid rinsing flowers under running water. If you want

Why is my torenia not blooming?

Light is an important factor in the growth and flowering of a Torenia. Plants need shade as well as sun. If the plant is grown in complete shade, it won’t bloom and the foliage will fade if the plant grows

Is the wishbone plant a perennial?

There is a threat of frost in the spring as they are annuals and will die at the first fall frost, but they grow quickly and bloom from early summer until cold weather sets in. The plants are attractive to

Why are sun sails curved?

Why do shade sails have curved edges The sides of a shade sail are curved. The curves allow for proper tensioning so that the shade sail doesn’t move in the wind. The shade sail needs to be installed with a

Can pergolas be rain proof?

For both sun and rain, pergolas and louvered roof systems are useful. The slats on the pergola can be open to let in light and shade. How can you make a pergola waterproof? For rain or snow protection, you need

How do you add a shade to a swimming pool?

Should I go for a pergola? A pergola can provide shade over a pool with the right amount of light. A pergola over one end of a pool can be a great visual centerpiece. If you know what you want,

Is it cheaper to build or buy a pergola?

It is cheaper to build a pergola than it is to buy a premade one. You will need time, expertise, and tools to properly execute the project to ensure that it adds maximal value. Do pergolas increase home value? Pergolas

How does watering lawn save water?

Depending on your soil type, your lawn may only need a half-inch of water. Irrigation programs should be set to water during the morning hours. During the heat of the day, the amount of water absorbed by the soil is

What is static pressure of a sprinkler system?

The static water pressure is water at rest, which means it is measured when no water is flowing. Attach a pressure gauge to a water spigot and make sure all other water sources are shut-off, then turn on the spigot