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Top 5 Best Sprinkler Heads

If you want to maintain the lushness and beauty of your lawn when the temperatures rise and the days are long, a sprinkler system may well be the right solution to stave off the damage that can be inflicted in the summer

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Sweet Woodruff Plants – A Growing Guide

Sweet Woodruff Plants Herbaceous Perennial Flower, Herb, Ground Cover Botanical name: Galium odoratumFamily Classification: Rubiaceae Family (Also known as Bedstraw, Sweet-scented bedstraw) A delicate, scented woodland ground cover with tiny white blooms and unique umbrella-like foliage. Grows and spreads easily on moist,

Torenia Plant – A growing guide

Torenia Plant Annual Flower, Houseplant Botanical name: Torenia fournieri Family Classification: Scrophulariaceae Family (Also known as Wishbone Flower) This annual flower features colorful, Gloxinia-like flowers in shades of pink, white and purple. They are known for their prolific bloomage in the fall

Top 5 Best Home Smokers

More and more people are looking to use a home smoker to prepare their food, the smell of smoky foods wafting through the air can be tantalising and the taste of smoky food delicious. Using a home smoker, your favourite

Top 5 Best Pop up Canopy

Due to their portable nature a pop up canopy can often be preferred to a more permanent structure, they are lightweight and easily portable, making them great for you to set it up and take it down with minimal effort, whenever

Top 5 Best Gazebos

A gazebo can provide a beautiful shelter and sun shade allowing for picnics, family gatherings, or spending leisure time relaxing outside. More commonly is that it a is a great way of getting some well deserved sun shade on a

Trout Lily – A guide to growing

Spring-Flowering Bulb Botanical name: Erythronium americanumFamily Classification: Liliaceae Family (Also known as Dog’s Tooth Violet , American Adder’s Tongue) Native to eastern North America, the Trout Lily is delicate but hardy, with nodding, lily-like yellow blooms. Once matured, these delightful flowers rise

Balloon Flower Growing Guide

Balloon Flower Herbaceous Perennial Flower Botanical name: Platycodon grandiflorus Family Classification: Campanulaceae Family Balloon-shaped flower buds pop open into beautiful blue, white, pink, or purple flowers in summer. Plants are slow to establish and emerge late in the spring, but

Nasturtium and Basil Summer Salad

Nasturtium and Basil Summer Salad Serves 4 Nasturtium flowers are more than just beautiful, they are delicious! They have a wonderful spicy, peppery flavor, a little like a radish, only sweeter and tangier. After growing these lovely flowers in your

Nasturtium Growing Guide

Nasturtium – Both edible and beautiful Annual Flower, Herb Botanical name: Tropaeolum majus Family Classification: Tropaeolaceae Family Synonym: Tropaeolum nanum (Also known as Garden Nasturtium, Indian Cress) Nasturtium’s orange, yellow or red flowers provide powerful garden color, while the round