Best Portable Greenhouses Tips

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medium sized portable greenhouse

The portable greenhouse is an excellent alternative for gardening enthusiasts who want to indulge in their favourite pastime, with little space and budget, for example on the balcony. A portable greenhouse can be a huge space saver that can help start the spring, which can be continued until the fall. This article gives some tips on finding the best portable greenhouse for you.

Compared to conventional greenhouse structures, the portable greenhouse is easy to handle. Assembly can be done in less than an hour and no tools are required to assemble a portable greenhouse. Also a portable greenhouse can easily be taken apart for you to store in a closet, garage or basement.


Like most greenhouse kits, a portable greenhouse construction is composed of shielded doors and a shielded vent. This allows for optimal air distribution within the structure. You can open the vents may to allow outside air within the structure in preparation for transplanting the plants into an outside environment. On closing the vents, the portable greenhouse becomes a watertight structure helping to promote and maintain the moisture levels at a high rate. This of course is favourable for the growth of plants.

Most most commercial products use UV-resistant material treated to protect it from cracking or cracking. With openings closed using either Velcro closures or a zipper. Portable greenhouses featuring a zippered design can be interconnected using a unique interlocking zipper system. This can create an extended, handy hothouse for more gardening.

The most commonly used materials for the walls of a portable greenhouse are polycarbonate or polyethylene, while the roof and frame are made of aluminium.

Extension of the planting season with a portable greenhouse for winter

Garden lovers who want to extend and protect the lives of their plants in winter will certainly enjoy the benefits of a portable greenhouse. The use of a portable greenhouse for winter is where you can get the best from your portable greenhouse. 

Garden lovers can set up the portable greenhouse in a matter of minutes to maintain the freshness and moisture their plants. It is a convenient and transferable structure that can be set up. The structure is light enough to be carried by at least two people from one place to another without damaging them.

A portable greenhouse can also be used during other seasons, such as summer time, to maintain a constantly-growing environment for plants. In the fall, a portable greenhouse can be used to enhance the sun’s rays as this is the time of year when the days get shorter.

A portable greenhouse vs a permanent greenhouse

permanent greenhouse

More and more gardeners are using portable greenhouses to meet their gardening needs. Especially because portable greenhouses are cheaper to buy compared to permanent structures. At the same time, not everyone has a spacious garden that can hold a full greenhouse.

Although the permanent greenhouse structure are often a more durable construction compared to a portable greenhouse. Many portable greenhouse structures in the current market use durable materials able to withstand rain or shine in any season. In addition, the sizes vary you can get a small portable greenhouse at 60 cm by 1 meter and may extend to a considerable size of 2 meters by 2 meters.

Portable greenhouses are available in different styles to meet the special needs of every garden lover. You can add a a portable greenhouse to the shed or garage of a home allowing it to serve as an extension to the home.

Miniature portable greenhouses

Miniature portable greenhouses are also for gardeners who have very little space to accommodate a standard size structure. These miniature structures are usually collapsible and are ideal for small plants such as perennials and shrubs. Another version of a miniature greenhouse measures about 3 feet and 5 inches by 1 foot and 11 inches. This portable box-box greenhouse is perfect for vegetables and young plants in spring.

The basic greenhouse structure is also available as a portable greenhouse. This type of structure is very popular with gardening enthusiasts, who have enough space to set up a permanent greenhouse, but prefer a portable structure that can easily be taken apart to free up space for other activities. 

Other seasons like summer help a growing environment for plants. In the fall, a portable greenhouse can be used to enhance the sun’s rays as this is the time of year when the days get shorter.