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What is static pressure of a sprinkler system?

The static water pressure is water at rest, which means it is measured when no water is flowing. Attach a pressure gauge to a water spigot and make sure all other water sources are shut-off, then turn on the spigot

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Why do my sprinklers keep turning on?

Irrigation problems include sprinklers continuing to cycle over and over. The answer can be found in an incorrect controller. Table Of Contents Why do my sprinklers keep coming on? A second start time set is a common reason why a

What type of sprinkler is best for low water pressure?

While sprinklers with fixed heads tend to perform better in low water pressure situations than those that move, you can still find rotating sprinklers that can operate with water pressures under 40 psi. Table Of Contents Will sprinkler work with

What causes a sprinkler to burst?

Fire sprinkler and irrigation system pipes start to freeze when the temperature drops below freezing. As water expands, it puts pressure on the sprinkler pipes and irrigation lines, which can lead to cracks, bursts and other damage. Table Of Contents